“Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. Those who can’t teach, teach gym.”
-Woody Allen

Years ago I was inspired to contribute some how-two guides for problems I was commonly finding while writing software. I wanted to build a web presence that I could point to and say, “see, I’m an expert at that stuff, and people have given me lots of stars!” It started off slow, but eventually I would come to earn an Article of the Month award for my work in explaining the ASP.NET page life-cycle. The award came with some recognition and a box chocked full of doorstops…er…technical manuals. Anyway, I had fun pushing my own personal envelope in writing these articles (wait, a UI guy writing about bitwise operators?! The horror!), but I’ve largely stopped contributing literature to the community in an effort to produce more useful code, and hopefully, come up with that “next big thing” we’re all striving for.

All that being said, here lies an archive of the articles I contributed many moons ago. Some are outdated, yet provide good programming principles and guidelines, and some are just silly & fun, like the ASCII art generator, and some are up to date and relevant, like how to install Elastic Search on a Raspberry Pi.

I hope you enjoy.

Installing Elastic Search on a Raspberry Pi
Posted: 20 Nov 2013
Create your own immensely powerful search cluster using ridiculously cheap Raspberry Pi hobby computers.

AJAX Demystified – Part One – The AJAX Shoutbox
Posted: 20 Sep 2006
Create your own AJAX Shoutbox using ASP.NET and C#.

AJAX Demystified – Part Two – The AJAX DataGrid
Posted: 20 Sep 2006
Create an AJAX DataGrid that binds, sorts and pages with no post-backs

AJAX Demystified – Part Three – An AJAX Color Picker using Anthem
Posted: 26 Sep 2006
Create an AJAX Color Picker for your website with the power of Anthem.

AJAX Demystified – Part Four – The AJAX AutoSuggest Text Box
Posted: 21 Sep 2007
Create an AJAX-based auto suggesting textbox or textarea with no database or server-side scripting needed.

ASP.NET Page Lifecycle – A Basic Approach
Posted: 28 Sep 2007
A simple approach for understanding the ASP.NET page lifecycle.

A Simple PHP Polling/Voting System
Posted: 11 Dec 2006
Create an IP-logging PHP Polling or Voting System in PHP 5.0

Create an ASP.NET Rounded Panel WebControl
Posted: 18 Sep 2007
A custom WebControl that emits CSS to create a stylable ASP.NET panel with rounded corners.

Creating an RSS Aggregator User Control in ASP.NET
Posted: 2 Mar 2006
This article demonstrates how to easily create an RSS feed aggregator and incorporate it into an ASP.NET application.

Loading and Saving XML to and from a TreeView Control
Posted: 4 Jan 2006
Details of how to load XML into a TreeView, and how to save XML to disk from a TreeView.

Modifying Configuration Settings at Runtime
Posted: 3 Jan 2006
This article will demonstrate how to add, delete, and update key value pairs in an App.config file.

The ELMO Principle – Part 1 – Stack and Heap Usage
Posted: 20 Dec 2007
Utilizing the Extremely Low Memory Optimization principle.

The ELMO Principle – Part 2 – Sorting Algorithms
Posted: 20 Dec 2007
How to use the best algorithm for the job.

Using C#, OpenXML, and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to create a multi-threaded Rules Engine Webservice
Posted: 9 Jan 2006
Create a simple, scalable XML-consuming rules engine in just a few minutes, using OpenXML.

Using JavaScript and CSS to Enhance Your ASP.NET DataGrid
Posted: 4 Jan 2006
Demonstrates how to apply JavaScript functionality and CSS effects to an ASP.NET DataGrid.

Using MD5 Encryption with C# and MSSQL 2000
Posted: 4 Jan 2006
Demonstrates methods for creating and validating MD5 encrypted passwords in MSSQL 2000.

Using C# To Generate ASCII Art From An Image
Posted: 11 Sep 2007
How to generate several types of ASCII art from an image file.

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